Our mission is to bring to the audience a clothing brand that strives the present and future sustainability of our planet and ethical responsibility to which it is associated.


It is known that every year are wasted tons of clothing and textiles, many of synthetic and mixed fibers, non-biodegradable, which are conducted to landfills, where it releases methane and toxic substances that lead to pollution of soil, water and atmosphere. For example, in the UK, there is a waste of about 2.35 million tons per year. This is equivalent to about 40kg per person, this includes waste by industry and consumers. Only 1/4 of all waste is reused, the remaining 30kg person is directed to these landfills.

The Hode Studio uses organic cotton, which has several environmental advantages: the seeds are not genetically modified, using methods of organic agriculture that include mechanical/manual seeding, crops rotation, planting various crops together (consortium), adjustment in accordance with the planting seasons and density of the land and introducing beneficial insect predators. So, keeping traditional methods that are used for centuries, new farmers save money on production and reduce the environmental and health costs associated with exposure to chemicals.


We believe that not only is it important to ensure the environmental future sustainability of the planet, as it is essential to guarantee the basic rights of workers that are part of the manufacture of our clothes process. Thus, all materials and process are made in Europe and ensure their basic rights are met.


Together with Projeto TASA, reinventing and enhancing the art that is the Algarvian crafts and working with local artisans, we help preserve these centuries-old techniques that are disappearing due to mass production and at the same time we are helping the local economy.


The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) ensures that the fibers are from organic agriculture and ensure ethical and social responsibility criteria. To learn more about this certificate, click here.